About Fragrance Tester

‘BP Fragrance Tester’ - Arouse purchasing desire, by taking advantage of the power of fragrance and incorporating it into business. It can be expected to greatly improve corporate image and brand value, attract customers and promote sales.

Decide what you want

  • Food Scent Machine with or without Sales Promoters
  • Product Experience in Fragrance bubble
  • Room Aromatic System
  • Road show environment Scent Machine
  • Purchase with gifts (PWG) in Paper
  • Outer packaging

What we offer to you


Fragrance Stone

NEW item! Flavor on a stone with your favorite smell!


Fragrance Bubbles

Always popular when you SMELL it from a product shelf!


Food Scent Machine

Can you imagine when you shop in a food area and SMELL a 'Meat flavor' without someone cooking?


Fragrance Tester

Same as the bubbles just in different materials.